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About company

A  bit of history …

In the years of the formation of commercial instrument engineering, EPR equipment manufacturers faced the choice of the method for recording EPR spectra. Of the main known stationary principles of registration — the method of modulating the magnetic field and the superheterodyne registration method — they opted for the first one. The reasons for abandoning the potentially more powerful, open-ended experiment, superheterodyne registration method were the inability to create equipment on this principle, which has acceptable stability, ease of setup and reliability.

The authors of the project, due to the peculiarities of solving scientific problems, developed and manufactured equipment based on the superheterodyne principle of registration of the EPR signal. The concept of a coherent superheterodyne narrow-band EPR spectrometer was developed, the main technical solutions of which were protected by the patents of Russia No. 1739751 of 03.30.90 and No. 1811744 of 07.07.90.

In 1995-1999, within the framework of the Integrated Target Program “Association” of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation “Development and Production of Ionizing Radiation Dosimeter Based on Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance”, a working model of an EPR coherent superheterodyne spectrometer was created to test the feasibility of the stated original principles for its construction. The constructed spectrometer was exhibited and was noted at a number of regional, All-Russian and international exhibitions of innovations. However, further development was suspended.

What now

Small innovative enterprise Spectrum was formed in 2012. The company was established by scientists from the Institute of Natural Sciences UrFU them. Yeltsin B.N. with the support of a leading university in the Urals region. The creation of the company was a logical continuation of the many years of work of scientists in the field of magnetic resonance. He headed the company Tararkov Andrey Nikolaevich, who has a specialized higher education, international category D certificate, Certified Project Management Specialist, SOVNET, IPMA, 2004, has extensive experience in developing start-ups and professional work in companies in the electric power industry and instrument engineering. By combining the efforts of scientists, developers, designers, programmers, it was possible to breathe new life into the project, to obtain funding for research and development and the creation of a new prototype on the modern microelectronic component base.

In 2013, the company received the status of Skolkovo resident, which gave an additional impetus to the project. For several years we have developed and improved the design and technological documentation, perfected the main and auxiliary technological processes, carried out a large number of tests for the possibility of producing devices serially.

To date, started small batch production of devices. This is an outstanding mutual result of a team of researchers, experienced businessmen and technologists who jointly implement ambitious projects that provide competitive advantages and allow you to take a strong position in the market. Most importantly, it was possible to get a competitive product — a portable automated EPR spectrometer, the parameters of which correspond to or exceed the parameters of the spectrometers on the market at a lower price, size and power consumption.

We are open to cooperation!