Успешные внедрения ЭПР спектрометра "Лабрадор"


Listed below are one of the few successful implementations of the Labrador EPR spectrometer in leading universities in Russia. To date, application specialists are conducting research work on the study of the EPR method in various fields:

  • with colleagues from Kazan Medical University, work is underway to study the activity of tuberculosis,
  • with colleagues and MedInnovation for the early detection of cancer
  • with colleagues from Moscow University of Medicine and Dentistry to identify the limitation of death

    as well as many others.

    More detailed information on the fields of application of the spectrometer can be found on the EPR Spectrometer application page.

In 2018, the EPR spectrometer of the Labrador Expert series was successfully installed within the walls of the Novosibirsk State University. Congratulations to students and teachers!

In 2017, students of Kazan Federal University prepared final qualification works using a Labrador spectrometer. In particular, «Studies of the aggregation of vanadylporphyrin complexes in oil dispersed systems using EPR methods». For details, see this link.

In 2017, the students were (see “EPR spectroscopy of food”, 2017) prepared undergraduate final qualification works on the subject (see “EPR spectroscopy of irradiated food”, 2017).

In 2016, the Kazan (Volga) Federal University acquired two EPR spectrometers of the Labrador series for the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Technologies. The engineers of Spektr LLC successfully put the device into operation, set up the operation of the devices and trained the staff of the department.

More than three hundred students carried out their laboratory work on the device, some defended bachelor’s final qualifying works.

In 2015 — 2016, students of the Ural Federal University developed sets of methods using a Labrador spectrometer. In particular, these are techniques for the analysis of food, dosimetry, etc.